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Careers Service

Guidance on our appointment services

  • Careers guidance appointments and interview simulations are being delivered via Zoom or in some cases Skype (phone appointments may be available on request)
  • Appointments are bookable online - look for the appointment types marked with * in Careerslink.
  • Help with applications and CVs is available.
  • If you are unable to access Zoom or Skype please email us and we will offer you an alternative method of delivery.

International work & study

The skills and knowledge gained through an international education or international experience are highly valued by employers and can take you all over the world.

In this section we provide information on finding opportunities to work, study and gain experience outside the UK and working in the UK for international students.

Working in the UK as an international student

We provide specialist resources, advice and events for international students to help with career planning and making the most of your time while studying in Manchester.

Working outside the UK

Opportunities to gain international experience and finding graduate jobs outside the UK.

Study abroad

International events & opportunities

International recruiter events
Visa information sessions
International job vacancies

Passport Career