International work and study

The skills and knowledge gained through an international education or international experience are highly valued by employers and can take you all over the world.

In this section we provide information on finding opportunities to work, study and gain experience outside the UK and working in the UK for international students.

Working in the UK as an international student

Your Careers Service is here to help you to build your skills, understand the job market and understand the options open to you. We are here to help you from your first year onwards; we can help you to look for jobs and experience, build your skills and grow in confidence. You may find that UK careers services operate a little differently to what you are expecting. This is because employers hire graduates in varying ways around the world. UK careers services don’t liaise with individual employers on your behalf because UK employers want you to apply to them directly.

However, at The University of Manchester, we provide both online and in-person services, including paying for you to access specialist external services, to help you learn how to write effective applications and perform well during interviews and assessments.

Start by using our E-learning guide International Student Pathway Working in the UK and understanding your visa options which contains information on the UK job market, what employers are looking for and how to target the right employers to secure a visa.

Working outside the UK

Opportunities to gain international experience and find graduate jobs outside the UK.

Study abroad