Finding international jobs. Information for students looking for opportunities outside the UK.

Understanding the labour market. What jobs are available and where do you look?

Your first step is to understand the job market, whether you are returning home or looking for work as an international applicant.

  • First identify the type of work you are interested in and the skills you have. This will make your research more targeted. Just be aware not all jobs are available everywhere and certainly may not be called the same name.
  • Will you need to learn a language?
  • Where are the main locations for the jobs you are interested in? Tourist areas, big cities, particular provinces? If you are returning home or have friends or family in the country you want to work in use your contacts. Where do friends and family work, who do they know? Can they tell you anything about which companies are expanding or are located in a particular area?

Know where you want to go?

  • Prospects country guides information and links for finding jobs plus visa information.
  • Passport Career Register your Manchester account for jobsearch and applications advice for over 80 countries, international job vacancies and internships, webinars on global jobsearch topics and more.
  • Government's ‘Living In’ guides - Europe Visas are now required for UK students who want to work in Europe. Start by researching the visa requirements and application process using the Government's guides for the country you are interested in. You will also need to check the visa and immigration guidelines with the Embassy or Consulate for the country in which you wish to work and contact them directly for further advice on visa applications.

Use your networks to find out more

  • Use LinkedIn to find people working in the jobs you want in specific countries. Look at their profiles – what experience did they have, it’s a good indicator of what you might need. You could connect to them or join a local network to ask questions.
  • Meet international recruiters A number of international recruiters visit Manchester to hold recruitment presentations and interviews on campus or online. Check CareerConnect for upcoming events and job fairs.
  • International networks Professional and alumni networks to make contact with other international students, alumni and recruiters now working around the world.