Applications and interviews

Help for writing CVs and applications, preparing for interviews, psychometric tests and assessment centres

  • CV advice and support Advice on structuring and tailoring your CV, plus example CVs to give you some inspiration.
  • Covering letters Advice to help you write a cover letter or speculative letter for a job.
  • Application forms Advice and services to help you make the best application you can.
  • LinkedIn Creating your profile and using LinkedIn to network and find jobs.
  • Applications for further study CVs, application forms and personal statements for Masters & PhD applications plus advice for those applying for a PGCE or Medical degree.
  • Interviews Advice, e-guides and services to help you prepare and practice for interviews.
  • Interviews for postgraduate study Masters, PhD & CDT interviews.
  • Psychometric tests Practice tests and e-guides to help you prepare.
  • Assessment centres Advice and e-guides to help you prepare for group and individual activities.
  • FAQS UCAS points, finding a referee, negotiating pay, multiple job offers and disclosure of disability