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Working in the UK after study

What are my options for working in the UK after study?

Most students will have immigration permission which extends for up to four months after you have completed your studies. Masters students commencing Sept 2018 will have 6 months after study to find work (this excludes PG cert and dip). If you want to stay on and work in the UK after this period in the UK, you will need to apply for immigration permission in one of the work visa categories.

Where do I start?

Please use the UKCISA and the UK Visas and Immigration websites for a full list and detailed explanation of the visa options and requirements and guidance on applying. We provide an overview of the main visa options and practical tips how to search and apply for jobs that meet the visa requirements on the following pages.

Immigration queries and legal advice

We can provide basic information and signposting to visa options to work in the UK after study, but we are not legally authorised to give guidance on visas or support with visa applications.

If you have an enquiry or issue concerning your Tier 4 student visa or the Doctorate Extension Scheme, please contact the University's Student Immigration Team.

If you need specialist advice on visas you can search for an immigration solicitor by location and legal issue you need help with on the Law Society’s website.

Immigration advice appointments via zoom/on campus

If you have an issue concerning your immigration status, appointments are available with Latitude Law, a specialist immigration law firm based in Manchester.

Consultations are available to all students who are experiencing immigration concerns, or who need advice with future immigration applications. These sessions are currently being held via Zoom, but in future will be conducted on campus.

Please note that if your enquiry relates to your Student visa application or another route which requires the support of the University of Manchester (such as the Doctorate Extension Scheme or Start-Up visa), you should contact the University's Student Immigration Team instead.

  • Appointments with Latitude Law are 30 minutes and are free.
  • You will need to pre-book your appointment with Latitude Law and can do so by e-mailing with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your telephone number
    • The expiry date of your current status
    • You level of study (eg undergraduate degree) and when your course is expected to complete
    • A brief summary of what you would like to discuss (eg “I am graduating this year and intend to marry my British partner and remain in the UK”.
Latitude Law's full privacy and data policy is available online.
If you need further help the solicitor will be able to discuss fees for ongoing services.
If you need to speak with a solicitor urgently, you can contact Latitude Law on 0161 234 6800.
The University of Manchester is not responsible for the legal advice provided by the law firm Latitude Law Limited, nor does it endorse or recommend any of its services or legal advice. Any student who uses the services of Latitude Law Limited does so at their own risk. There are other law firms in Manchester that offer similar immigration services to Latitude Law Limited, such firms can be found on the Law Society’s website.

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