We offer a variety of sessions and events taking place online this semester. They are advertised on CareerConnect.

Once logged in, find events using the events option under the ‘Search’ tab where you can search by keyword, organisation name, date and event type. If you use the event calendar view, you can see upcoming events on a day, week or month view.

You can get event alerts from CareerConnect on a daily and weekly basis. Check the settings in your profile to make sure you are receiving the latest information.

What type of events will you find?

You’ll find a range of events on CareerConnect. They include sessions led by the Careers Service, events from employers such as presentations and skills sessions as well as larger events and fairs.

  • Employer events
    These events provide you with an opportunity to view and talk to a variety of employers and recruiters as they host an online workshop. Each employer is looking to connect with University of Manchester students and graduates. You do not have to be interested in working for the specific company to take part, however each session will help you understand different recruitment processes and help you learn more about how employers are working in this ‘new normal’.
    We would encourage you to attend a number of different sessions. You’ll be able to learn more about the skills employers are looking for right now which may help with your future applications for internships, placements and graduate roles.
  • Online workshops
    You can view our programme of Careers Service workshops in the Online Workshops section. Full details and booking instructions are listed in CareerConnect.

Follow us on social media to keep up to date with any new opportunities we advertise to help you engage with recruiters during this time. Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Opportunities to meet professionals

We also offer a number of specialist groups that you can join where you can learn about different sectors and topics. They may be useful sources of information while campus activity is suspended as they will be posting updates and helpful links. Find out more at:

Missed an online workshop?

Don’t worry! You can visit the Careers Service YouTube Channel where we post recordings of our online workshops so you can view them on demand. Please note, we cannot guarantee that every session will be available to view.