LinkedIn Review Appointments

LinkedIn is a key global professional networking site and is an invaluable tool for students to network with alumni and recruiters. Employers also use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.

LinkedIn is useful for:

  • Developing a professional online profile to complement your CV.
  • Making contacts with people working in your chosen sector.
  • Searching for organisations to target by your location of preference, or industry sector.
  • Researching jobs and different types of job and career paths.
  • Connecting with alumni around the globe for insight and guidance.

Step 1 Get started

Step 2 LinkedIn Review Appointments

20 minute, 1-1 tutorial style appointment led by our Applications Advisers via Zoom or in person to help you polish your LinkedIn profile.

You will receive overview feedback on your profile by our fully trained Applications Advisers and be supported in checking you have accessed our full range of online resources.

This service will not provide specific advice around the requirements for particular sectors or roles or how to use LinkedIn for networking, use the guidance appointment service or our drop-in services for those.

  • IN THE APPOINTMENT: be able to share a link to your profile. Take your own notes.
  • We aim to tutor you in skills for making applications to teach you to become self-sufficient. We cannot look at every application you prepare,

How to book

  • Log into CareerConnect
  • Go to >book>appointment>LinkedIn Review. We can review ONE profile per appointment.
  • Appointments are automatically released 24 hours in advance on a rolling basis. Monday appointments are released on Friday.
  • You may book one LinkedIn Review appointment in a 60 day period so use it wisely.
  • A missed appointment will count towards your allocation. An appointment cancelled before the start time will not count towards your allocation and you will be able to rebook.

Using LinkedIn for networking and job hunting

Get started with the help on our LinkedIn pages. Use the guidance appointment service or our drop-in services for more assistance if needed.