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Careers Service


Access to the University of Manchester Careers Service is restricted to eligible users only.

Current students

  • Undergraduate degree, foundation year & postgraduate degree students have full access to all services. You will need your student campus login to access some services such as CareersLink. You will need your student ID number to book appointments.
  • Advice for MBA students and graduates is provided by The Postgraduate Careers Service at The Alliance Manchester Business School, Email or ring 0161 275 6472 or make an appointment on the Postgraduate Careers Platform:
  • Online and blended learning (distance) students Information on how to access services.
  • If you are an exchange student from another university studying at the University of Manchester we can offer you full access to our services for the period of your study here only. You will need to have a student ID card, campus login and a University of Manchester student email address.
  • If you have taken leave of absence from your degree you will get one year of access to services, and then normal access once you resume your course.

Students attending short language courses, summer schools or other non degree level courses are not eligible for services.

University of Manchester Graduates

Access to services for two years from your course completion date.

  • Please retain your old student ID or Alumni card as proof of graduate status.
  • Computers, wifi and printing are available to current students only.

Graduates who are no longer eligible for services
If you are looking for a career change you may find that some of our information resources may be useful to you, however, you will find that they are aimed at students and recent graduates. We are not able to offer you access to guidance services* licensed services or CareersLink.

*Guidance services include: Applications advice, guidance appointments, practice interviews and advice by email.

Left a University of Manchester degree without completing?

You have access to our services for one calendar year from the date you left your course.

  • Computers, wifi and printing on campus are available to current students only.

University of Manchester staff

Any member of staff who is currently a student at, or who has completed an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree within the last 2 years from The University of Manchester is entitled to use the University of Manchester Careers Service.

Additionally or if you are not eligible to access graduate support at the Careers Service you may be able to get a career mentor or a coach via Staff Learning & Development, who also provide a number of workshops on the training calendar around careers topics.

Access to CareersLink

If you need access to event & vacancy information for the purpose of advising students go to and login as Manchester staff

If you do not have a staff account contact stating: Your job role, University username and reason for needing access.

Resources for career research

For some staff working at The University is a stepping stone, while for others academia is the goal. We provide a range of resources on suitable for staff and students who may be looking to progress or make a career move.

Postgraduate researchers

New and prospective students

You have access to most of the information on our website and you may find it useful to start exploring some of the services and options available to you before you arrive.

You may access full services once you have completed registration as a student at The University of Manchester.

  • You need your campus login (username and password) plus your student email address to access password protected pages on this website and CareersLink.
  • You need your student ID number to book appointments.

Members of the public, students and graduates of other universities

Access to paper based resources. No access to guidance services, IT facilities or CareersLink.

Alternative sources of guidance

  • Current students and graduates of other universities should contact the Careers Service at the university where you study or graduated from.
  • All other enquiries contact the National Careers Service