Help with CVs and applications for a job or postgraduate course

Creating your CV, writing a cover letter or completing an application form for a job or applying for a postgraduate course can be tricky things to get started. Once you learn the skill of selling your experiences you will find the process quicker and easier.

Appointment availability is limited, therefore, before booking an appointment please ensure that you have used the following resources, this will ensure you get the most out of your appointment.

  1. Tailored CV: E-learning guide to help you tailor your CV to the job.
  2. CV template to help you get started quickly.
  3. CareerSet: CV checker for advice on initial CVs and CVs tailored for specific jobs: Aim to get a score of 70 before booking an appointment.

Application and CV review appointments: available 26 Oct - 18 Dec 2020 and 4 Jan - 21 Jan 2021

20 minute, 1-1 tutorial style appointment led by our student partner interns via Zoom/Skype to help you tailor your CV for a role. You can use Applications Advice appointments for help with a CV, cover letter, personal statement or application form for a job or postgraduate course. This is a student led service, for students and graduates, and as such you will receive overview feedback on your document by our trained Careers Service partner interns and be supported in checking you have accessed our full range of online resources. This service will not provide specific advice around particular sectors or roles, for these queries you should look at the guidance appointment service.

  • BEFORE BOOKING: tailor your document for the job or postgraduate course you are applying to.
  • Use the CareerSet CV checker to get a score of 70 on a CV. (Graduates skip this step)
  • BEFORE THE APPOINTMENT: Upload the document as a WORD document. Log into CareersLink > My Account > My documents > CVs > add.
  • IN THE APPOINTMENT: be able to share a link to the information about the role. Take your own notes.
  • We aim to tutor you in skills for making applications to teach you to become self-sufficient. We cannot look at every application you prepare.
  • You may book two appointments in a 30 day period so use them wisely. e.g. one for a CV and one for a cover letter.
  • A 'no show' will use up one of your allocation. Please email in advance of the start of your appointment to cancel if you can no longer attend. Please include your student ID number in the email.
  • If documents are not uploaded by the start of the appointment, the discussion will be of a general nature but will still count as part of your allocation.

How to book

  • Log into CareersLink > My Account > I want to book an appointment (left side) > Application & CV Review appointment
  • Book an appointment by clicking on the time you want. Appointments are automatically released at 12:01AM UK time, one day in advance.