Congratulations you have been invited for an interview for a job or course.

For many interviews it is likely you will be asked questions around:

  • Why you have applied to the organisation or institution.
  • Why you are interested in the role or course.
  • Assessing if you have the skills and attributes to do the job or complete the course.

Use our Interview Pathway to help you prepare and practise

Learn at your own speed, whenever and wherever you want. Complete short online modules to help you gain confidence and build your skills. Includes access to Shortlist.Me - practice interviews and the Interview success module.

Practise your interview skills

How to prepare

Spaces and backgrounds for video interviews and assessment centres

Most students attend online interviews from their room. If you cannot use your room for any reason there is a room in the Library which can be booked for online interviews and assessment centres. Students can also ask in their School if a room is available there to book.

Employers will understand if you attend your online interview in your bedroom. University branded Zoom backgrounds are available to download if you want to hide your location.