CV Review appointments

CV Review appointments are 20 minute 1-1 tutorial style sessions, available daily, led by one of our Applications Advisers via Zoom or in person.

Step 1 Complete the Pathway

You must complete the Get CV Ready pathway to unlock CV Review appointments on your CareerConnect account. Once unlocked you will see CV Review appointments in your appointment list and will be able to book.

Step 2 Book a CV review appointment

  • Log into CareerConnect
  • Go to >book>appointment>CV Review. Choose a time.
  • You will need to upload your draft CV. You can also choose to write notes about what you want to use the CV for and/or upload a job/course description.
  • Appointments are automatically released 24 hours in advance on a rolling basis. Monday appointments are released on Friday.
  • You may book two appointments in a 30 day period so use them wisely. A missed appointment will count as one of your allocation, an appointment cancelled before the start time will not. If you cancel via CareerConnect before the start time of the appointment you will be able to rebook.

About CV Review appointments

You can get feedback on a CV for a part time job, placement or internship, graduate job, a course application that requires a CV, a speculative application or a CV for a careers fair, event or networking meeting where you want to give your CV to a contact.

The aim of a CV Review appointment is to help you to:

  • Identify and articulate your own skills and experience and relate that to the role or course requirements.
  • Structure your CV in a logical manner so that it can be easily assessed by an employer or course leader.
  • Become confident in your ability to write application documents and successfully apply this skill to future applications. We aim to tutor you to become self-sufficient, we cannot look at every application you prepare.

You will be asked in the appointment what you are preparing your CV for at this time and you will need to provide information on the requirements for particular sectors or roles, or a job or course description.

If you need help understanding what skills are needed for a job you should look at the guidance appointment service or use our drop-in services.