My friends have found jobs or further study already - but I haven't

It's quite normal to compare ourselves with our peers. When it comes to your plans after university however, it's not a race. People become clear on what they want and find their place in the job market at different times, so in most ways you are not in a competition with them. Your success will happen in its own time, so focus on your own efforts and what's in your control.

Practical steps you can take

  • Recognise what you have already achieved for yourself, and what steps you have taken. This will bring you back to what's really important: what YOU are doing.
  • Ask what positive things do you want to happen for yourself? What can you do to pursue these things?
  • Start with small actions which can help you move forward.
  • Celebrate your friends' success and ask what can you learn from what they have done? What tips or contacts could they share which help help you? How might their approach inspire you?
  • A bit of jealousy is natural, but let it go, as it will hold you back from making positive things happen for yourself.

If you're stuck and not sure what you want to do, there are tools and advice to help you start exploring this in the I don't know what I want to do section. You can also contact us for advice on how to get started.