I got a lower grade than I wanted

If you attained a lower grade than you hoped for in your degree, or perhaps have finished with an unclassified degree, we understand how difficult that can be when you have aspired to something higher. Some employers have a minimum degree grade for their internships, placements and graduate opportunities. However, your degree grade is not the only thing employers are looking for. Your experience, skills and motivation can make a big difference. Some employers are not looking for a specific grade, and in fact a number of employers have changed their requirements to be more flexible on degree grade, so there are still opportunities out there for you.

Practical steps you can take

Consider the positives

We often focus on what's not perfect, rather than what is good about a situation. You might be thinking about the grade you didn't get. But here's a different story. If you've completed your degree, you will:

  • Be a graduate (not everyone is)
  • Have completed a tough degree at a high ranking university (which not everyone does)
  • Have learnt a great deal in the last few years, learning which will stay with you for your lifetime
  • Have made many new friends and experienced life in a way which you couldn't have done if you didn't go to university
  • Be able to apply for opportunities which require a graduate (which aren't open to people without a degree)
  • Are statistically more likely to earn more in your lifetime than people without a degree.

Here are some more tips on moving forward.