I don't have time to worry about my future

When you are busy with life as a student it can feel difficult to find time to think about your future. However even a little time is better than none! If you don't give any thought to your future at all, it can lead to more pressure and challenges later, when you will need to make some decisions with much less time to think about them, and you may not have the right skills and experience on your CV. So a balanced approach is a good idea.

Practical steps you can take

When thinking about your future, spending a small amount of time regularly is easier to manage – and more effective – than investing lots of time all in one go. See our advice on what to focus on in your year of study. You can also try the My Future Questionnaire to get your tailored plan for what career actions to prioritise so you don’t end up trying to do everything. If in doubt, contact us for advice about the most time efficient ways to make progress with your career.

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