Still not getting any job offers after interviews?

There may be lots of reasons why you haven’t yet received any job or further study course offers after interviews. Sometimes we experience barriers to presenting ourselves in the best way. Understanding what these barriers are and seeking appropriate support for anything more than just the natural nerves that everyone experiences could improve your chances of success in interviews.

Some common scenarios that you might have encountered include:

Lack of confidence in projecting yourself

Often this comes down to ensuring you have enough practice of articulating your skills and experience. We recommend plenty of preparation:

Having a long-term health condition, disability or neurodiversity

You may find you experience barriers to information or support relating to recruitment processes. It’s worth knowing that you can ask for adjustments at any stage, even if you haven’t done this before or disclosed this in your application, as this could provide you with the support you need to make interviews more accessible.

Experiencing severe anxiety before or during interviews

If this is a feature of a mental health or other condition, you can request the interview questions in advance of the interview, enabling extra processing time. Having pre-prepared answers may enable you to better demonstrate your true ability to meet the requirements of the role:

Difficulties interpreting questions and cues and/or formulating and conveying your thoughts during the interview

Again, this may be a feature of a condition, diagnosed or undiagnosed, or could relate to a negative experience you have had when applying for jobs or accessing courses. Advice and support are available here:

You think you may have been unfairly treated

More advice and resources on how to gain confidence

There are also many sources of support for interview preparation from specialist services: