I feel overwhelmed with career options and don't know what I want to do

Many students and new graduates feel the same way – it’s very common! The job market for new graduates is very open, with around 70-80% of graduate level jobs open to any degree background. Whilst that’s great, it doesn’t help you decide. It’s useful to consider the following:

  • There’s no wrong answer, this isn’t a test. It’s about finding what fits for you
  • Your first job after university is just a first step, not a 20 year plan. Most people’s careers evolve over time.
  • Many graduates change jobs in the first year after leaving university. So making a choice now doesn't mean you are closing down all your options.
  • It’s perfectly ok to try something out that sounds interesting, then change direction as you learn what’s out there and what you enjoy

Practical steps you can take

Try these resources: