I didn’t get on a graduate scheme - what do I do now?

It’s a common misconception that if you don’t get onto a ‘graduate scheme’ there are no other opportunities. In fact, only 20% of graduates every year go on to a graduate scheme. So if you think you’ve missed the deadlines for these, don't worry! There are still opportunities out there.

Practical steps you can take

Re-define what you're looking for

Take a broader view of what jobs are out there. They don't need to be called a 'scheme'. They are simply jobs that require a graduate, or perhaps a job that a graduate does. Many employer do not have a formal graduate scheme as they recruit in smaller numbers so don't need to organise their recruitment in this way. This leaves them more flexible to recruit when opportunities come up, which means you may see them being advertised at times of year when some of the larger graduate schemes have already closed. That's good news for you.

Other tips for what to do

  • Watch our video on job hunting for final year students - this covers exploring other job opportunities including graduate internships.
  • Explore the Find graduate jobs section of our website, which covers lots of advice and sources of jobs.
  • If you're not sure what to do next, get more advice from us, book a Careers Guidance appointment.