Don't know what you want to do?

It’s perfectly normal – in fact it’s one of the most common things we hear. Few people have a grand career plan when they leave university, and for many it’s daunting making such an important choice.

Have a look at the statements below and see which most resonates with you then follow our step by step recommendations to help you move forward. If you’re not sure which step to start with, simply start at the beginning.

Meanwhile, below are some great resources to help you get started

There’s no point choosing jobs which don’t provide what’s important to you, or don’t play to your natural strengths, so use these tools to help you understand what would suit you – and what you have to offer.

A large proportion of graduate level jobs are open to people of any degree, so don’t feel constrained by what you have studied. Familiarise yourself with a range of options, so you can make an informed choice and consider some new ideas as well as those you had thought of already. Try: