Finding graduate jobs

Graduate schemes

Graduate schemes are often given different names, including; graduate leadership programme, general management trainee programme, graduate fast track, and executive development programme. The majority of graduate schemes are offered by larger organisations ranging from multinational companies to opportunities in the NHS, civil service, and local government. Some sites list graduate schemes and internships by deadline or do a review of the forthcoming year.

Some opportunities do exist within smaller organisations including; advertising agencies, management consultancies, the not-for-profit sector including Cancer Research and Teach First.

Don't forget some schemes will fill up before the deadline - apply early. Not all jobs will be listed here some organisations will advertise on CareerConnect or elsewere.

Graduate entry level jobs

Only a small proportion of the UK job market is made up of graduate schemes, most graduates will be employed directly into individual positions within both big and small organisations. For example; the education sector including universities and many local government roles, media, cultural and heritage sectors, charities, NGOs and many health and social care related areas.

They don't all advertise the same way, some will use national or local papers, industry specific journals, magazines and websites or just put vacancies on their own jobs website.

  • Job titles explained Job titles can be confusing, and it’s not always clear what jobs are appropriate for new graduates. We analysed the job title data from our recent graduates and have put together a glossary featuring some popular “entry level” roles, with a brief description to help to demystify the process.

Where do I start?

Use the links on this page for graduate recruitment sites.

Graduate internships

Graduate level work for a short period of time (usually 1 year or less).

Other opportunities may be available, but not all will use the term graduate internship. Consider all work experience options and speculative approaches.

Alternatives to finding a graduate job

Finding a graduate level job isn't the right path for everyone, here are some options you may want or need to consider.

Feeling concerned that the job market is too competitive?

The job market can be competitive, but that doesn't mean you won't get the job. If concerns about the job market are making you change plans or re-consider what to apply for, check out some practical steps you can take to address your concerns about the competition.