Congratulations you have been invited for an interview for a job or course.

For many interviews it is likely you will be asked questions around:

  • Why you have applied to the organisation or institution.
  • Why you are interested in the role or course.
  • Assessing if you have the skills and attributes to do the job or complete the course.

How to prepare

Need a space for a video interview/assessment centre?

You may be able to book a pod near the Careers Desk in the Atrium (first floor, University Place). To enquire about availability either visit the Careers Desk, or send a Question via CareerConnect. Please include your student/graduate ID number, the date and time you would like to book, and what interview it is for.

Students may be able to book an individual space on campus for an Employer Online Interview or an Assessment Centre. Around 60 small central teaching rooms are available across campus. Book using Resource Booker.