After your interview

Getting feedback

If you are informed you were not successful but have no specific feedback on why, you may show your initiative by contacting the employer to request feedback. You can approach this conversation by saying ‘I appreciate I was not successful on this occasion, however what advice can you give me because I need to apply to other organisations and would like to learn from the experience’.

If you do receive detailed feedback and advice on where you went wrong, do not be tempted to defend your case or challenge the interviewer. You may express your disappointment but respond professionally. You never know in what capacity you will encounter this company again during your career.

Listen carefully to and reflect on the feedback you receive and use it as an important learning opportunity. If your feedback is given verbally on the phone make sure you take notes so you can refer back to your feedback again, ahead of a future interview. Also listen and recognise the positive feedback too, as this will give you a confidence boost for your next interview.

Dealing with job offers

If you are offered a job following an interview, congratulations! All your hard work has paid off. If you have more than one job offer to consider or are required to negotiate salary, you can find further advice on dealing with job offers here.