Case study interviews

Employers use this type of exercise to assess your commercial awareness and logical thinking. These are typically encountered in business, consulting and finance roles. In case studies you may be given a business issue or scenario to read, analyse and then make recommendations and discuss with the interviewer. The case studies are typically used to simulate a task or situation that is likely to happen in the role, and therefore testing your understanding and suitability for the job.

In case studies there probably is a right answer. However don’t worry too much trying to get through to the end – the interviewer will recognise that you will be under pressure and they will be more interested in your approach to solving the problem than you getting the right answer.

A tip is to approach the case study as if you really were in this situation – what would you really do. Don’t miss the obvious! Keep it simple and be logical in your communication of your answer.

Companies that have selection processes which involve case study interviews usually have practice examples on their website to help familiarise you with what to expect.


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  • McKinsey Support with case interviews and other parts of the selection process.
  • Victor Cheng Case interview videos.

Free practice cases