SEI Intern Stories

Why should I apply?

Undertaking an internship will enhance your CV and ensure that you stand out to prospective employers. Take a look at the following student profiles for an insight into why they applied for a SEI and how they found life as an intern:

  • Welcome Campaign Intern Meet Hope, who created, uploaded and edited content using the University's content management system.
  • Sports Heritage Intern Meet George, who applied for an SEI to gain experience working in a 9-5 job and to improve their skills for working life.
  • Widening Access Intern Meet Letitia, who benefited from working in a different workplace environment.
  • Welcome Week Intern Meet Hannah, who chose to apply for an SEI role to spend summer working on something they were passionate about.
  • Learning Through Research Intern Meet Ziyun, who enjoyed working with their academic superviosr and PhD students during the internship, allowing them to gain a better understanding of their subject in different fields.
  • Learning Through Research (Chemistry) Intern Meet Daniel, who chose to do a Learning Through Research internship in order to experience independent research for the first time.
  • Autism Research Intern Meet Jonathan, who participated in experiments, activities and analysed data as part of their internship.