Letitia: Student Recruitment and International Development - Widening Access Intern

Why did you choose to do an SEI?

In order to help me choose what I want to do after University, and improve my future career prospects.

Give a brief snapshot of your role:

Working alongside the Student Recruitment and International Development Division (SRID) to ensure prospective students of outstanding achievement and potential are identified from all educational backgrounds.

• Assisting with the preparation for, and delivery of, the Manchester Access Programme (MAP) University Life Conferences.
• Evaluating the Conferences and producing a written report and summary of the findings.
• Providing feedback to MAP students on their Enquiry Based Learning work and presentations.
• Supporting the updating and development of the WP Annual Report. I liaised with students, staff and external colleagues to collect content for case studies, collated and presented data and wrote copy for the report. My particular focuses for the WP report were the MAP conferences and the University's Ahmed Iqbal Race Relations Resource Centre.
• Handling calls for the University of Manchester Clearing Line.

What were the most enjoyable aspects of your role?

My team was so supportive, they didn't want me to leave so they have made me a Student Ambassador for them so that I can continue to be involved with WP activities. I also enjoyed the diversity of tasks, and the positive feedback I received from colleagues made me feel really appreciated and improved my confidence.

What did you gain most from the role in terms of insights and skills?

Getting used to a different workplace environment.

Did you have any worries or concerns before your internship? Were these overcome and if so how?

I was unsure of what to wear, as everywhere I had previously worked before had a uniform. The Careers Service put a lot of my worries at ease.

Do you have any words of wisdom for future interns?

Get to know your colleagues, make use of their advice/journeys to where they are now (e.g. my internship line manager has said that I can always ask her for help with future job applications). Additionally, don't just stick to getting to know the people in your office, talk to different people in the department - by doing this, I got to take on a variety of roles (e.g. supporting the BAME WP lead with their plans for Black History Month).