Hannah: School of Mathematics - Welcome Week Intern

Why did you choose to do an SEI?

I chose to apply for this SEI role as I was looking for a way to spend my summer working on something I was passionate about and that would help me pursue my chosen career direction. A Careers Consultant suggested I looked into the SEI positions to see if anything caught my attention after I'd decided against taking an internship with a "Big 4" firm. I was attracted to the Welcome Week role because of the broad range of responsibilities and because I love working with new students.

Give a brief snapshot of your role:

  • Responsible for organising and delivering Welcome Week activities for the School of Mathematics.
  • Managed several admin tasks related to admitting the new students, but also had the opportunity to get creative with improving the activities our new students take part in.
  • Developed new informational materials for both new and returning students, pioneering a "Welcome Back" resource for students in later years.

What were the most enjoyable aspects of your role?

It was very satisfying to put the plans I had into action and see them make a difference. It was also great hearing from returning students who'd volunteered that the changes I'd made to the Group Work and Scavenger Hunt were positive and seeing the new students enjoy them. I also enjoyed just working with the people in the office every day.

Did you have any worries or concerns before your internship? Were these overcome and if so how?

I was worried about whether I'd get comfortable and fit in with the office, and whether my ideas would be accepted. Luckily, everyone was very warm and welcoming and I settled right in! People were enthusiastic about the ideas that I presented and gave me the opportunities to make the role my own.

What did you gain most from the role in terms of insights and skills?

Before I completed this internship I had no idea how much work goes on behind the scenes! I gained confidence in presenting and working with senior staff and got to practice my creative problem solving skills. My leadership skills have improved and I now have experience in managing projects.

Do you have any words of wisdom for future interns?

Don't be afraid to put your ideas out there or ask a question! People are genuinely very helpful and willing to spend time talking things through with you.