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Careers Service

Opportunities for 2nd and prefinal year students

The majority of internship opportunities are offered in the summer before your final year of study. Some companies have more flexible eligibility and may allow access in the summer before a Masters course for example. If in doubt contact the company before applying.

Summer internships are more often offered by larger companies who may use them to help recruit candidates for graduates training schemes the next year. You can expect 1-3 months of paid work experience that will help you decide on your next steps and give you valuable skills for future roles.

Opportunities also exist in smaller companies or may not be called internships, all are valuable so look around.

University of Manchester Managed schemes

  • Student Experience Internships for penultimate year undergraduates Include: Internships within the University (Research based or within schools and divisions). Internships in charities and not for profits and internships for Disabled Students.
  • First Insight - Autumn Insight weeks in Manchester during reading week. Open to all year groups. Opens Autumn 2020

Internship sites

Are there any other opportunities?

Yes there are! Work experience doesn't have to be called an internship or spring week to be valuable. Think about skills you would like to develop, or jobs you are curious about, and use your vacation periods to get some experience. Consider: