Job search strategies - how to find jobs!

Whether you are looking for some work shadowing, work experience or a job, you will find that not all opportunities are advertised widely – if at all. You will need different strategies for looking for advertised and non-advertised opportunities.

We will show you how to use contacts to find opportunities and how to use sites like LinkedIn to make meaningful connections with employers. These strategies can also be used to obtain information to increase your knowledge of different career areas and routes in.

Not all jobs are advertised in the same way

Your main job hunting strategies are:

  1. Find an opportunity that is being advertised and apply for it. (high levels of competition)
  2. Be proactive: Look for jobs that are not adertised widely or at all. Find the hidden jobs!

Finding the hidden jobs

These jobs may not be advertised, but it doesnt mean they don't exist or there are no opportunities. Sometimes you need to ask the question and tell people what you have to offer.