Games-based Assessments

A recent development in the world of psychometric testing is gamified testing. A few of the major graduate employers are using these tests (RBS, Deloitte, Unilever) and no doubt many more will soon.

These tests involve playing short rapid-response games (like memorising number sequences, sharing winnings – or not, taking risks) or playing longer interactive scenarios.

Testers claim they are more reliable measures of personality as they collect thousands of data-points about you over a number of different games providing more of an indicator of how you really behave than relying on what you say about yourself in a questionnaire.

Our tips:

  • Get into the right frame of mind - It’s not easy to predict what each game is looking for, but it may be exploring qualities like how you approach problems, whether you plan ahead, your determination to succeed, your ability to stay focused, how you process information, your memory and your ability to read the emotions of others.
  • Try not to second guess it – unless you have really researched the company. Do they want you to be competitive and maximise profits or are they really more about collaboration and trust? It will be hard to know – so be yourself.
  • Turn off notifications – and ensure no distractions mid-game. Text alerts, calls and updates will be a real problem, so turn them off in advance. Make sure your battery is charged and no-one will disturb you. You can’t restart.
  • Are you clear? – maybe worth checking the instructions one more time before you click start?

Best places to practice: