Personality Assessments

For some roles or types of organisation there will be some people whose typical behaviours are more suited to the job than others. Personality assessments can help to identify those individuals whose approach may be particularly incompatible or who are least likely to enjoy the job.

You don’t need to be a particular type of person to work well in a job or fit in. Having a diverse team with people who take different approaches and have different preferences is also a bonus, so firms are often flexible and take a broad view.

Personality assessments include how you relate to others; how you manage your emotions; your openness to new experiences and how you organise ourselves. Newer assessments can also measure resilience, emotional intelligence and mind-set.

Our tips:

  • Try to answer honestly– it’s about your future fit and happiness in a role after all.
  • Don’t worry – firms often look at the bigger picture, rather than just focusing on a very narrow profile for their ideal candidate.
  • Get into the zone – how you are feeling may shape how you respond to the questions so try to remain calm, be prepared and take the test in a “work-like” environment to help you get into the right frame of mind.
  • Stay on it – these tests can be long – don’t lose focus and rush answers. Read all the options before answering.
  • Don’t go too far – many questionnaires use impression management scales to uncover whether you are trying to impress the employer and give a positive impression of yourself. For example, are you sure you have always got on with everyone?
  • Have a go now - being familiar with these questions can help you feel calmer– they can even give you a steer on the kinds of jobs that may be a good fit for you. The Type Dynamics Indicator gives you a 4-letter profile that you can search online for compatible types of job.

Best places to practice:

  • Graduates First The University pays for you to access these tests for free. Try their personality assessment.
  • Jobtestprep Try a free personality assessment.
  • Practice Aptitude Tests Includes emotional intelligence questions and worked examples.

Other practice sites: