Reasoning tests – numerical, verbal, logical, diagrammatical

Employers use them to explore how well you reason with numerical, written or diagrammatical data and assess for a broad range of roles – management, analytical, financial. Logical/diagrammatical reasoning tests are more popular for IT or engineering related positions.

These tests have right/wrong answers and are typically timed. They are popular with over 70% (*) of the larger graduate employers.

You may find some overlap in test terminology. Inductive reasoning tests - identifying patterns of rules and applying them – can be similar to diagrammatic reasoning tests.

Blended Verbal Reasoning Tests

Used by a financial services firm amongst others, which also include questions about grammar, spelling and communication styles for different audiences.

(*) Association of Graduate Recruiters Survey, 2016

Our tips:

  • Practise hard. Sitting practice tests will help you give your best performance. You will improve your response times and confidence and can understand where you might be going wrong.You wouldn’t turn up to an exam without revising, would you?
  • Revisit the basics. Graduates First has video tutorials on numeracy basics like percentages, ratios, exchange rates which can really help. You don’t need to have studied maths to a high level, but you do need to be able to interpret basic data quickly.
  • Use the clock! Assessors look for both speed and accuracy, so working quickly will be a factor in your performance but don’t worry if you don’t finish.
  • Who is the test provider? The secret is to practice tests from the same test supplier as the one you will be taking. Ask the employer for a sample or contact the test publisher. Explore different test publisher sites online.

Best places to practice:

  • Graduates First Access our free portal via CareerConnect. Try over 20 different tests, see where you went wrong and get the answers! Watch free maths tutorials too.

Also try:

Revisit grammar, punctuation, spelling by googling “KS2 and KS3 English Literacy” or try...

Numeracy - revision on basic techniques to help you improve your speed