International development

International development work encompasses a wide range of jobs, some of which are suitable for generalists whilst others will require specialist knowledge/qualifications and training.

Normally entrants to this sector will have to build their own career path as organisations such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) rarely offer graduate training schemes. Those that are offered tend to be with larger organisations (bi-lateral or multi-lateral), e.g. The World Bank.

There is no set path for gaining the experience and/or further qualifications. You will need to research and gain the experience, skills and knowledge needed in the area of development work you wish to enter. The personal qualities, relevant skills and previous experience required will vary depending on the requirements of individual job vacancies.

People may work in a wide range of organisations and be based in the UK or overseas. Vacancies in the UK with charities and NGOs, working in this field, tend to be based in London and southern England. The Department for International Development (DfID) has two offices in the UK: in London and East Kilbride, Scotland.

Further information and vacancies

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