Performing arts, theatre, dance, drama.

The performing arts includes both practitioners and those who work behind the scenes. Each role will have particular skills and training requirements - use the job profiles to identify the most appropriate route for you.

Getting in and getting experience

Entry level paid opportunities may initially be available on a short term basis and identified through word of mouth. The more people you get to know through involvement with the arts, attending events and talks, the greater your chances of being in the know.

It is important to be flexible and to go to where the work is and it is likely that you will move around for jobs and opportunities.
  • Meet people online through social networks - LinkedIn, twitter and attend events and talks. Check out our job search strategies for more information on using social media to make contacts.
  • Get involved in student productions, music events etc.
  • Find ways to develop relevant skills through short courses.
  • Look for work experience and volunteering opportunities.
  • Consider freelancing.
  • Keep an eye out for vacancies, even those at a higher level so you can check what skills and experience are being sought.


  • If you are planning to stay in the North West, you can join Script and Score's peer support network for music and theatre graduates