The Music Industry

Whether you are interested in classical or popular music, performing, composing or the business functions, the music industry is big business in the UK and worldwide.

Suggested sites for keeping up to date with developments.

If you are planning your own career in performing as a solo artist or band then doing your groundwork is important to your progress. The digital age has brought with it a plethora of opportunities but also a more competitive arena. Social networking sites have made it easier for unsigned bands and artists to gain international exposure, increasing the chances of reaching untapped audiences and music industry professionals.

Make the most of opportunities while you’re at university

Check out the student union for opportunities to help with events, browse the list of student societies for any that are relevant to your interest in music, put on a club night, start a band or join one, see if you can do a stint as a DJ at a halls of residence social, join with fellow musicians to find opportunities to perform, perhaps at a charity fundraising event or venues near to the University.

Developing contacts

It’s important to get to know people working in the music industry. Making contacts can naturally come out of getting involved in music while you’re at university. However, it’s also a good idea to use social media to engage with others who share your passion and may already be established. You should put a profile together on LinkedIn, join music industry groups to find out what’s going on and search for industry professionals to connect with: you’ll find a comprehensive list of global contacts on Showcase or you could explore networking for the creative industries at The Dots.

If you are planning to stay in the North West, you can join Script and Score's peer support network for music and theatre graduates.

Work experience

Work experience in the creative industries usually comes about through networking, see above. It is often not paid and it’s important to guard against being exploitation. We recommend that you read the advice on our website and check details of our work experience bursaries which help with the cost of doing work experience. See the sections below for more specific advice on getting experience in the music industry.