Careers Using Languages

Language skills are in demand in a wide variety of sectors such as translation, interpreting and teaching which require daily language use, to international organisations which benefit greatly from multi-lingual talent, but where languages are typically one facet of a broader role.

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Find more options for using your languages degree on the Prospects website

Use a LinkedIn search to find alumni who studied and/or speak the same language as you to see the wide range of career options with languages.

Working Overseas

Many organisations have offices all over the world, and many graduates with languages begin their career working for a multinational organisation in their home country, finding opportunities to travel with the company and/or undertake international secondments once they become more established in their role.

Building your Skills and Experience

Make the most of your winter, spring and summer breaks by looking for internships, part time work and volunteering which allow you to use your language skills. Typical part time jobs using languages may be found in call centres, market research agencies, tutoring, and hospitality. You could start by speaking to recruitment agencies to discuss what roles they have available, and it may even be possible to do part time work alongside your studies.

You may also want to look for work abroad to improve your language skills and roles may frequently be found in admin, hospitality and tourism, and summer camps.

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Most sites, including CareerConnect can be filtered by country and/or by language to narrow your search.