Finance Careers

The finance sector covers a wide range of careers many of which are open to graduates of any degree. Many of them have formal graduate entry procedures and training programmes, often leading to professional qualifications.

Other careers are in more 'niche' areas where entry is less defined, there isn't a set application process and opportunities have to be sought out.

Often, entry is at a basic employee level where experience is gained, which then leads to opportunity to apply for more senior positions. To find out more about each career, please click on the links below.

Bloomberg Market Concept course

AMBS students can access the Bloomberg Market Concept online course and get a certificate for free, on the designated PCs in the finance zone in the Eddie Davies Library (AMBS). Bloomberg Market Concepts offers an introductory guide to finance and covers five modules: Getting started on the terminal, Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income and Equities. You have 12 months or until you graduate (whichever is sooner) to complete the all the modules.

Finance Graduate JobSearch

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