Renewable energy

"Renewables describe energy sources that do not deplete the earth's natural resources and do not create added waste products" (Renewable Energy Association). These can be divided into:

  • 'Elemental' renewables e.g. solar, wind, water, tidal and geothermal
  • 'Biological' renewables e.g. biofuels, including energy crops grown specifically for energy production and standard crops that can also be used for this purpose.

Getting in and getting experience

Industrial experience is important for new graduates entering the energy sector, as are transferable skills and experience gained in other areas and industries. Current students should apply for industrial placements and summer internships in the autumn semester.

Some employers will attend fairs and give presentations on campus so keep an eye on our events on CareerConnect.

Communication skills, management and leadership, project management and finance are all sought by recruiters. Those applying for more technical roles will often need a relevant technical qualification and a solid understanding of core engineering theory. Language skills are also important to international companies looking to develop operations in overseas markets.