Getting teaching work Experience

Work experience is essential if you are applying for teaching, you will need to talk about it on your application. Usually you will need 1-2 weeks classroom experience (check individual training providers for their requirements) ideally in your chosen age range or specialist area.

Experience of tutoring, mentoring, TEFL, working in youth centres, after-school or holiday clubs and involvement in extra curricular activities such as drama or sport with the 5-18 age groups also shows interest in working with young people, and will help you determine which age group you want to work with.

Admissions tutors are looking for you to demonstrate not just that you have classroom experience but to see the insights you have gained about the rewards and demands of teaching, and your reflections on your suitability for this profession. It’s important to express your opinion on the different teaching and learning styles you have observed and the skills you possess. These include strong communication skills, time management, creativity and subject knowledge.

It is likely for any experience with young people you will need a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. It is possible the school may ask you to pay for this.

School and classroom experience

Many students choose to find their own opportunities and will contact schools near them or in a convenient location.

A few things to consider before you apply:

  1. There are lots of schools in Manchester, the ones nearest the University may get a lot of applications, so it might help to consider consider schools further away that you can access by public transport or perhaps your old school at home might look kindly on you?
  2. Use your contacts, does anyone in your family or friends group work in a school?
  3. Think about what time of year you are free, when schools will be open and what might be important in the curriculum at certain times of year.
  4. Consider what benefits you can offer the school. Why should they give you the opportunity, can you help with something specific e.g. languages, sports, science etc.

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Tutoring and other experience