Graduate Outcomes Survey

The Graduate Outcomes survey is a national survey that aims to capture information about the activities and perspectives of graduates 15 months after they finish their studies. It’s the biggest annual social survey in the UK, and all graduates who completed a higher education course will be asked to take part.

What does the survey involve?

The survey gives you the opportunity to reflect on your studies and how your time at university may have shaped your career path. It also allows you to evaluate how your current situation compares to what you had originally planned. Additionally, the survey encourages you to reflect on what success means to you, whether it’s a particular level of employment, further study or the ability to use the skills you gained at university.

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Who conducts the surveys?

The survey is conducted by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), which is an organisation that collects and publishes data about the higher education sector to support its advancement. You will be contacted by HESA to complete the survey by email, text and/or phone.

When will you be asked to complete the survey?

You will be contacted by HESA 15 months after you completed your course, inviting you to take part in the survey. Currently, graduates who completed their course between May and July 2022 are being contacted, and have until 30 November 2023 to complete the survey.

How can you complete the survey?

The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete and there are three main ways you can take part:

  • Email: You will receive an email from Graduate Outcomes from This email will provide a link to complete the survey.
  • Text: You will receive text reminders from ‘GradOutcome’ with a link to complete the survey.
  • Phone: Phone calls related to the survey will come from ‘IFF Research’, the service that handles survey responses by phone. They will make it clear that they are calling regarding the survey on behalf of The University of Manchester.

Will you be contacted by anyone else prior to or after the survey?

The University of Manchester has a scheduled timeline of reminders for completing the survey:

  • 1 month after graduation: You will receive an email welcoming you to the alumni community that will include details about the Graduate Outcomes Survey and ongoing graduate careers support.
  • 1 year after graduation: You will receive a ‘One year on...’ email with a reminder that the Graduate Outcomes survey is coming soon.
  • 2 months before contact period: You will receive a penultimate reminder email.
  • 2 weeks before contact period: You will receive a final reminder email.

You will not receive any further emails from the University during the Graduate Outcomes contact period, which lasts for three months.

Why should you complete the survey?

Taking part in the UK’s largest annual social survey gives you the chance to have your say about what graduate success means to you. Survey results are used by the government, journalists, universities and researchers to evaluate and enhance the university experience for students. By taking the survey you can influence the duture of higher education.

Survey results are used by current and future students to make career decisions, so you'll be hlping others understand what it means t be a graduate by sharing your educational, employment, or skills-based successes.

Finally, the survey results are used to review, improve, and promote courses and student offers.

Do you have to complete the survey?

The survey is not compulsory. As part of HESA’s communications by email, text, or phone, you will also be able to opt out of future communications and do not have to complete the survey if you wish.

If you would like to avoid communications from HESA entirely, please email