Graduate Careers Stories

Careers are no longer linear. Your first role out of university is very unlikely to be a life-long job. Chances are you'll not only change jobs, but companies and even sectors too. Careers are full of twists and turns, with each step teaching us something about ourselves, what matters to us and the skills we enjoy using.

Your first few years after university provide an excellent opportunity for you to enhance your skillset, expand your professional network and gain experience in the working world.

For inspiration and reassurance, view the careers stories of some other University of Manchester graduates now:

  • Ilhan I did an MGT internship before embarking on a grad scheme
  • Shaun I left my graduate job to do a PhD
  • Koyesha I used my Masters degree to get a job with the UK government
  • Lynnie I'm doing something totally different from my degree
  • Michael I looked at alternatives to research after finishing my degree
  • Alastair I did an MGT internship and went travelling before starting a graduate scheme
  • Liam I knew I wanted to do something with my degree
  • Leanna I didn't know what I wanted to do, so took time out to try different things
  • Mihaela My career and interests have changed and developed over time
  • Manahil I finished my Masters and landed a grad scheme
  • Hatty I always knew I wanted to teach
  • Chantelle I studied history but I now work in sales
  • Shentao I knew I wanted to stay in the UK and use my Master’s degree
  • Madeleine I decided I didn’t want to be a lawyer
  • Tsana I work on improving diversity in the creative sector
  • Joshua I wanted to work in the UK as an international graduate and use my Master's degree