What is a placement?

The term ‘Placement’ can refer to a number of different types of work. Depending on the company advertising the opportunity it can range from a one week opportunity, 12-week summer internship or a 12-month placement as just a few examples.

A one year placement forms part of a degree programme for a period of between 8-12 months.

This year may also be referred to as a: Year-In-Industry, Sandwich Year, Industrial Placement, Professional Experience or Placement Year. A Placement Year will allow you to experience the ‘World of Work’ and gain invaluable work experience before returning to University for the final year of your studies.

Not all courses offer a Placement Year. Permission may be granted by some courses for students to interrupt their studies. Speak with your Course Placement Lead to get advice on the procedure and approval process for interrupting your studies if this is of interest.

For information on short placements (internships and work experience) under 8-12 months