Short Placements

The term placement can also refer to a short period of work experience or project work with an employer.

Some courses offer the option to undertake a short placement as part of a course unit. This is usually a set number of hours of work experience or project work based off campus with a local employer. For example, BSc Psychology students can opt to take a 30 hour short-placement (flexible to work one-day a week), BA Management Leadership and Leisure offer applied study periods working on a short term project with an employer – other short courses can be found here. Your course staff should be able to give you information about any opportunities to undertake work experience as part of your degree.

You can also find your own short placement to undertake during holidays. Many employers offer insight weeks/placements/summer placements/internships where you gain useful work experience.

What’s the difference between an internship and a short placement?

We realise it’s confusing however these terms are used interchangeably with many employers and can often mean exactly the same thing! Placements tend to be part of a degree course however there are also placements that can be done independently from your course.

When you are considering looking for work experience you will need to look at both placements/internships together as they can mean anything from one week experience through to 12 months (year in industry) experience.