Financing a placement

Will I receive a salary?

As you will be doing real work on your placement you should receive a salary for your work that meets the required National Minimum Wage for the hours you work. Placement Years range within different industries but usually start from around £14,000-£15,000, with more specialised, skilled placements paying £25,000. There is sometimes a higher salary in London but remember your rent and living costs will also be higher.

In certain industries, like the public and charities sector, placements may only be offered on a voluntary basis (with paid expenses). If you are considering an unpaid placement then you must talk to your course placement lead in the first instance to check eligibility criteria. You should also ensure that you can cover your living costs, during the course of your placement, if a salary is not available.

Will I continue to pay fees whilst on Placement?

Yes. Reduced fees are payable whilst on a placement year. Please refer to the Student Finance section of The University of Manchester’s website for up-to-date information and access to funding. The amount of funding you will be entitled to varies depending on where you go and what you do.

Reduced fees are different for Home/EU and International students so please check the website and links above.