Where to look for part time jobs

Part-time work is an excellent way for you to earn extra money and gain some useful work experience while you study. Although it may not be related to your degree, a part-time job can provide practical experience that will add value to your CV. Working in a shop, bar, restaurant or office can give you many of the skills that graduate employers are looking for such as decision making, organisational and IT skills, team working, customer service and time management.

The University of Manchester recommends that students work for no more than 15 hours per week, or as advised in your programme handbook. This is so that you can achieve the right balance between your studies, other commitments and the need to earn money to support yourself.

How can I find a part-time job?

  • CareerConnect Login with your university username and password to search part-time job vacancies. Some part time jobs may be suitable for more experienced hire or graduates check the hours and experience required.
  • SU job shop Advertises jobs around Manchester.
  • SU jobs page Advertises part-time student staff roles working for the SU.
  • Manchester Job centre on Twitter Find out about local jobs lots of part time opportunities.

Many jobs are never formally advertised, businesses may use social media, word of mouth or just a poster in the window. You may need to ask around or contact companies speculatively to see if there are opportunities.

  • Shops, Supermarkets, Bars and Restaurants: Many local businesses may not advertise jobs with the Careers Service but will put a poster in their window or premises (especially if they are based in busy areas where lots of people pass by).
  • Jobcentre Plus: Government Job Centres advertise part-time and weekend vacancies with a wide range of organisations. The nearest Job Centre for most students is in Rusholme. Visit your local Jobcentre or search vacancies online at the gov.uk website.
  • Recruitment agencies can be a useful way to find part-time work.

Useful websites

Can I find a part-time job related to my course?

You will not find part-time work available in all job roles that will fit in with you being a student. Some jobs you are simply not qualified to do yet, others simply can’t be done at weekends and evenings or on the days when you may be free.

Think more broadly about the skills you want to gain for your longer term career goals, what types of part-time opportunities would give you those skills.

Often more vocational or career focussed work experience can be gained through:

What are employers looking for?

Employers are not always looking for someone who has previous experience of the same work. Generally employers want candidates to have a number of key skills and qualities. These qualities are known as ‘employability skills’ or ‘transferable skills’ e.g.

  • punctuality/time-keeping
  • being flexible/adaptable
  • willingness to learn new skills
  • ability to learn quickly working with minimal supervision
  • communication
  • team work

Additionally you may need customer service skills, specific technical or language skills.

Tailoring your CV/application to the job vacancy will help you to provide evidence of relevant transferable skills, even if you don’t have relevant work experience.

Applying for part-time jobs

Part-time opportunities cover a huge range of roles, some will require very specific skills or experience while others are looking for more general skills that many students will have. Most jobs will require an application, often a CV. Therefore, you will have to demonstrate relevant skills and possibly experience that match the needs of the role. If you are a new student or new to the UK you may not have much work experience to talk about these are our recommendations.