Opportunities for first year students

First Insights Conference: Wednesday, 24 March 2021

The First Insights Conference is a new event exclusive to first year undergraduate students, taking place on Wednesday, 24 March 2021 (1-5pm).

This interactive event, taking place on Zoom, gives you the opportunity to find out more about the career pathways that you are interested in.

As part of the event participants will get the opportunity to:

  • Network with a variety of student and graduate employers;
  • Gain an insight into three specific sectors that you are interested in;
  • Learn how you can get experience and boost your employability throughout your degree;
  • Find out how the Careers Servcie can support you during your time at university and beyond.

To find out more about this event and to register, please complete the short registration form on CareerConnect before Sunday, 15 March.

Please note: your place at this conference will not be secured until you complete and submit the form. Once registered, you will be sent joining instructions one week before the event.

Spring weeks and insight days for 1st year students

Getting work experience will help you explore different career areas and jobs so that you can make informed choices and will help you develop skills for future roles. All great material for your CV.

Opportunities for 1st year students are often called spring weeks or insight days, they may last a week or more or just be a day. You may work on a project or shadow a staff member or be given a tour of the office or site depending on the length of the opportunity. They may occur in any vacation period or if it's just a day it may be during term time.

They are often advertised from Autumn onwards, some opportunities will have early closing dates, others may not be advertised until later in the year. Often it is dependent on what time of year the opportunity will take place, if it's at Christmas or Easter it will have to be organised earlier than summer. That said large organisations do tend to organise work experience early in the year!

  • CareerConnect look for student internship / placement and duration 1 week or possibly 2-4 weeks. Look for insight days & spring weeks.

University of Manchester Managed schemes

Internship sites

You will find opportunities listed on many graduate or student job sites, these will often be with larger employers.

Are there any other opportunities?

Yes there are! Work experience doesn't have to be called an internship or spring week to be valuable. Think about skills you would like to develop, or jobs you are curious about, and use your vacation periods to get some experience. Consider: