Eligibility Criteria

All students graduating from The University of Manchester in 2023 and 2022 can apply. Each employer will have different requirements and criteria, so you are advised to read the job description carefully.

The notes below summarise any potential restrictions.

2023 Graduates

You are eligible to join our MGT 2023 Facebook group and MGT 2023 Vacancy Bulletin and apply for MGT 2023 positions (those with references ‘MGT/23/XXXXX’).

Please note you are not eligible for MGT 2022 positions (those with references ‘MGT/22/XXXXX’) as most of these roles start immediately.

2022 Graduates

You are eligible for MGT 2022 positions, you can join our MGT 2022 Facebook group. You will also be eligible for positions in MGT 2023 if you have not taken a MGT 2022 role yet.

International Students

For information about eligibility for international students, please see the Eligibility: International Students section of this website.

Masters Students

  • Taught masters students cannot work full-time over the summer because you are expected to be working full-time on your dissertation. You can only work full-time once your dissertation has been submitted.
  • Taught masters students are therefore advised to start applying from August for jobs starting mid to late September onwards.
  • Postgraduate research students must agree any vacation dates with their supervisor in writing. Read the postgraduate regulations for more information.

PhD students

While you are still registered as a full-time PhD student, you are not allowed to take up full-time employment. If you are no longer registered as a student, but are awaiting your viva or completing corrections, you can work full-time. Both you and any prospective employer need to consider how you might balance the demands of completing your PhD with the demands of full-time employment.