Sample Cover letter for a placement

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XX September 20XX

Dear recruiter/recruitment team,

Application for 12-month Professional Placement, reference number GEN-11

I was made aware of your industrial placement scheme following discussions over LinkedIn with two of your current placement holders. As a 2nd Year student of Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester, I am looking to expand my professional horizons and I believe a placement in your firm would allow me to gain a better grasp of the industry and put my learning into practice. I can offer many of the skills you specify in your essential requirements, as outlined below.

Based on my LinkedIn research, I am conscious that your company puts great emphasis on safety and process efficiency. I feel this is a work ethic I can wholly embrace, as I have had to adjust to good lab practice and economical process design through my Year 1 studies. I was also very encouraged to read your online case study on addressing the ethical sourcing of feedstocks. My volunteer work with Engineers Without Borders has allowed me to see first-hand the societal damage done by processes which go around ethical guidelines, and I would be proud to work for a company which champions good practice in this area.

As mentioned above, I have carefully considered your essential and desirable requirements. Those which I feel are my strongest areas are analytical problem solving, innovative thinking and communicating across multiple levels. The first two were tested during my first year design project, which saw me selecting and rejecting different plant components based on design specifications. This included economic constraints, for which I designed a Pivot Table in Excel to compare and present options to my team. My outreach work as a STEM ambassador with local schools has meant adapting my communication style to fit my audience, be they A-level or primary school pupils. It has also taught me the value of good preparation and organisation, and the application of MS Office packages, also mentioned in your requirements.

Outside academia, I have had the opportunity to develop my team-working and self-motivation through volunteering, both as a class rep at university and with EWB (above). Though I have not yet secured full-time work experience in engineering, I have sought out opportunities to shadow process engineers in the industry. This had to move to online discussions during the COVID-19 pandemic, but I was still able to add to my experience during this time. This has given me valuable insight into the need to adopt more sustainable approaches, as well as needing to get up to speed with new concepts and processes quickly.

In summary, I hope I have shown that I meet the criteria you have set out in your Person Specification, particularly with regard to analytics, innovation and communication. I am confident that a placement in your company would give me the foundation to build my industrial career. I am available for interview online or in person at your convenience, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,