Cover letter template - use this structure to help you create your own.

Your address

Company address


Dear recruiter/recruitment team or name if appropriate,

Ref: Insert the job title/job vacancy ID that you are applying for


Introduce yourself and your degree.

Say where you saw the advert and why it initially appealed to you.

Paragraph 1: Why this company?

Look at the company’s mission/strategy/values on their website (often in the ‘About Us’ section) and ask yourself what you agree with, how you think your values align with the company’s, and why. What have you done that demonstrates this? Is your degree course closely linked? How do your career/life ambitions line up with their goals as a company? Are there any projects that they are working on that really excite you – why? Have you read anything about them in the news – why does that interest you? What do you want to be a part of that they are doing?

Paragraph 2: Why this job?

Look at the job advert/description and what you would be doing on a day to day basis. Tell them what aspect(s) of this particularly appeals to you and why. Does this need a particular skill or set of skills (technical and transferable) and if so, where have you demonstrated this in either your education or work history? How does what you did on your degree match up with what you would be doing in the job? What other experiences have you had that mean that you are a good match for these activities? Will this job fulfil any ambitions you have?

Paragraph 3: Why you?

Give yourself a sales pitch! Really think about why they should employ you and not someone else. Is it your ability to work well in a team (evidence it!)? Do you resonate with their values (evidence it!)?

Close - make sure you use the right phrase –

Yours faithfully (if you do not know the person you are contacting).


Yours sincerely (if you know the person – might have met them at an event, spoken to them during an online workshop etc.).