Vacancy adverts

The Careers Service provides a free vacancy advertising service to help students and graduates become aware of employment, volunteering and further study opportunities. The University can take no responsibility for advertisers' statements or actions. Adverts are published in good faith based on information provided by the organisation and this should not be taken as an endorsement of those opportunities and organisations.

We screen vacancy adverts for the following before agreeing to publish them:

  • Adverts appear to meet our employer vacancy advertising policy
  • Adverts for UK opportunities appear to meet requirements of UK equality legislation
  • Adverts for UK opportunities appear to meet requirements of the National Minimum Wage

We advertise thousands of vacancies each year. Due to the high volume of adverts received, the above checks should not be considered a vetting of any organisation. Students and graduates must conduct their own research and checks to clarify all details relating to the vacancy and organisation, and make their own decision as to its suitability for their needs.

The University accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by a student or graduate as a result of taking up an opportunity advertised through the University.

Job hunting issues and advice

The Careers Service provides information on the following to enable students to be more aware of some of the issues when working or job hunting:

Personal safety

The Careers Service does not make checks relating to health and safety of vacancies or organisations, with the exception of UK volunteering opportunities. We recommend you check if an organisation provides insurance cover in the event of accidents/injuries, particularly for opportunities outside the UK, and that you seek appropriate insurance cover if they do not. See our international work experience section for further information on insurance matters.

Sensible precautions should be taken in attending any interview, including: familiarising yourself with the location in advance of the interview and letting a third person know about your whereabouts.

If in any doubt about the health and safety arrangements of any employer, please notify the Careers Service.

User commitments

Students should be aware of their study obligations and not undertake work during term-time which will be detrimental to their study. The University of Manchester recommends that students work no more than 15 hours per week during term time. You should satisfy the work and attendance requirements for your programme of study. Information on these can usually be found in your programme handbook.