Vacancy advertising policy for recruiters

The Careers Service at The University of Manchester aims to advertise vacancies and further study opportunities with a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

We ask that you:

The Division reserves the right to edit vacancy adverts for purposes of:

  • Brevity and clarity
  • Equality legislation, where the Careers Service has a legal responsibility not to advertise vacancies which may be construed as discriminatory. The Service may contact advertising organisations, where appropriate, to clarify wording and details of adverts, or to obtain reassurance of exemptions from UK equal opportunities legislation

We reserve the right not to advertise vacancies or voluntary opportunities which in our sole opinion are not suitable for advertising through our service, or which we feel are not in the best interests of our students and graduates. In particular, vacancies which:

  • Have company information which is incomplete, eg nature of company, missing address
  • Have misleading, incomplete or inaccurate job descriptions
  • Promote or endorse illegal activity
  • Are advertised by agencies (or similar third parties) and require the student to pay a fee in order to apply
  • Are placed by matching platforms or job networks
  • Require an up-front financial investment by the student/graduate, eg franchises
  • Are partnership or equity only opportunities with set-up companies
  • Are proprietary trading companies requiring graduates to pay desk fees or pay for training
  • Are connected with a pyramid, multi-level marketing or similar style selling scheme
  • Represent an undue health and/or safety risk to the student/graduate
  • Are connected to the adult/sex industry, or are associated with adult content
  • Involve students writing or sharing academically related material for use by other students
  • Are placed by private individuals, particularly where the role provides care for others
  • Appear not to meet the requirements of equality or other employment legislation (UK vacancies)
  • Do not meet UK National Minimum Wage requirements (UK vacancies)
  • Are unpaid international opportunities on behalf of a private/commercial organisation
  • Are commission-only sales/marketing roles
  • Pay 'in kind' rather than being salaried, eg gig tickets, vouchers, meals
  • Are placed on behalf of tobacco companies
  • Are training courses/programmes not accredited by a recognised educational or professional body
  • The University accepts no liability for the actions of students or graduates recruited from The University of Manchester

Last reviewed in 2020.