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Translation and interpreting

These specialist language occupations offer the opportunity to use your language skills as a central feature of the work. Both are expected to have a high level understanding of the languages they work with and be able to understand and express subtle nuances.

Translation work deals with the written word and can cover many areas, such as official documents, law, publishing, marketing, software, websites and others. Translators often specialise in one or more of these fields.

Interpreting is focused on verbal communication and takes place in many different settings, for example in a court of law, at a business meeting, a teleconference, at large conventions or summits, or for international aid or development organisations.

Translators and interpreters can work in a range of different settings and types of organisation. Many translators and interpreters also work on a freelance basis.

Although not essential for some roles, an MA or MSc in Translation studies can considerably increase the chances of successful entry to these occupations.

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