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Health Care

The healthcare sector can provide both a rewarding and challenging environment in which to work. In the UK the main employer is the National Health Service (NHS) although it may be possible to work in private hospitals or in industry for biotech companies. Quality patient-care is at the centre of all healthcare.

There are opportunities for graduates, not only in healthcare practitioner roles, but also in management, scientific and support roles.

Dentistry and related careers

Dentistry is a graduate profession, an accelerated 4 year degree is available for graduates of other subjects. Most dentists work as General Dental Practitioners providing care in the NHS and/or privately. Others work in variety of hospital-based specialisms (including orthodontics), in community dentistry, the armed forces, corporate practices, industry or university teaching or research.

Dental Hygienists and Therapists are not graduate careers, but you do need to take a recognised qualification


It is becoming increasingly common for graduates to study medicine either on a five year medical degree or a shortened four year graduate entry medical degree. All medical graduates then undertake a generic two year Foundation Programme which forms the bridge to speciality training which can last a further 3-8 years according to the field.

Getting onto a medical degree

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Nursing and midwifery

Nursing and midwifery are graduate professions. In addition to the standard undergraduate programmes in nursing there are graduate entry degrees lasting between two and four years depending upon the course provider and the relevance of your first degree. For midwifery three and four year programmes are available with an 12-18 month shortened course available only to registered nurses.

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It is necessary to take a four year MPharm Pharmacy degree to qualify as a pharmacist. There is no shorter graduate entry route available. After completion of the MPharm all graduates must complete one year of pre-registration training and pass a registration exam.

  • Community Pharmacist Prospects profile. Community pharmacists dispense drugs and advise patients in a pharmacy.
  • Hospital Pharmacist Prospects profile. Hospital pharmacists work as part of the clinical team in a hospital setting.
  • General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Regulatory body for the profession. All pharmacists practising in the UK must be registered with the GPhC. They also accredit approved MPharm qualifications a list of which can be found on their website.


All chartered or practising psychology specialisms require an undergraduate degree in psychology and then further training.

  • Psychology career options Our PDF guide includes information on the broad range of career options open to psychology students and graduates. It also covers Chartered Psychology career areas including Clinical, Health, Forensic and Educational and provides advice on training, getting onto courses, work experience and job hunting.
  • British Psychological Society Careers information and job vacancies.

Allied medical professions

  • Graduate entry to healthcare science Our PDF guide includes entry to the following careers Audiology, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Speech and Language Therapy and Physician Associate.

Physician Associate

Physician associates are medically trained, generalist healthcare professionals, who work alongside doctors and provide medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. They hold a variety of responsibilities and will typically work in General Practitioner (GP) surgeries or hospitals as part of a medical team. This is not a route to becoming a doctor, you can't prescribe or request ionising radiation (e.g. chest x-ray or CT scan), but is an increasingly recognised job within the National Health Service (NHS).

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